About Us

“Do small things with great love”
- Mother Theresa

The purpose of this organization can be summed up in two words: Love Well.

This became our founder, Jenny’s life motto. Out of a desire to love well, Love to the Nations had found its place and voice. We fully believe that the more you know the heart of the Father, the louder you hear the cry of the orphan. We began to hear a cry, for both the spiritual orphan and physical orphan. So we knew, this is what we were born to do. We see it as worship to Jesus. We see it as the call of every believer. We see it as a pure and undefiled way of living out what we believe.

Our founder, Jenny  Papapostolou, started Love to the Nations to share the love of Jesus to those in need. Trained as a minister, she is also the author of ‘ABBA – Finding Comfort in the Father After Your Parents Divorce’. Alongside this, Jenny also wrote ‘ ABBA – You have a Father’ a mini book that shares the love of the Father through Jesus Christ. It has been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Greek, with more translations to follow. She lives to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the nations and longs for the orphan to know they have a Father. Together with her husband, Elias, they lead LTN and Abbahouse Thessaloniki.


Our mission is two parts


We empower the church and the body of Christ to be aware of the Love of the Father, hearing for the cry of the orphan. We encourage people to take up their Biblical call to care for the orphan.


We support global orphan initiatives on a local level. We empower local communities to bring lasting change in their own nation. Our current project, ‘Abbahouse Thessaloniki’, is a prototype of how our mission comes to life. It showcases who we are and what we aim to do in every nation we work in. Our vision in caring for the orphan is a holistic approach. We focus on caring for every essential need – spirit, soul and body. It is vitally important for us to be nation-specific. Our mission adapts for each country andculture, celebrating the good in each nation. We know some things that work in America don’t work in another country. In Greece, the home will be Greek. In the Middle East, the home will be Middle Eastern. Local food is important, local staff make it feel like home. We aim to raise the children in the culture of the Kingdom of God, in the culture of their home country. For more information, see Orphan Care.

Our Staff

We believe God is more interested in building families than programs. Building the Kingdom of God truly is building God’s family. At Love to the Nations, we are wives, husbands, mothers, sisters and daughters. Our meetings normally include babies on laps, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love like it is our own family, and apply this to the way we run the orphanage.

Elias and Jenny Papapostolou

founders and directors

We got married in October 2019, and the adventure has been so sweet! We are based in Dallas, TX with our two sons, Andreas and Philippos, and our two dogs, Olive and Aladdin Zeus. Elias is a Software Engineer and together we lead Love to the Nations. We are constantly dreaming and praying for the best ways we can make an impact in children’s lives worldwide through LTN.

Cost breakdown

How your donation helps

Missions & Outreach 85%
Travel & Conferences 8%
Wages & Salary 5%
Administration 2%

Your gifts enable us to reach out to those in need globally and to further God’s kingdom


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