Sharing the Love of the Father
through Jesus Christ to the nations
both in WORD and in DEED.

Our goal is to let others experience the love of Jesus.

Part of our mission at Love to the Nations is to share the love of the Father through Jesus Christ to the nations both in WORD and in DEED.

We want everyone, believers and non-believers alike, to feel the great joy and peace of the love of the Father. We do this because we know there are people who are weary, and need a touch from Jesus. Our gatherings are places where they can encounter the love of God.

Past events have included Nations Quarterlies and Restoration and Renewal women’s event.

Your support also enables Jenny to go and minister in America and in other nations. We have been grateful to hear testimonies of God’s Love changing lives throughout this journey.

You can read the testimonials below of people’s lives being impacted by Love to the Nations.

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July 20-29, 2024

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“God is always listening”


It all started when my heart started burning for the girls who were/are being sold for sex slavery. God had been deeply working in me and through me about purity and innocence here in Brisbane in 2011. I friended Jenny on Facebook and we started talking about it. We connected so beautifully and Jenny started an online Bible Study. I always dreamed of being able to meet these beautiful girls from all over the world who had the same heart for Jesus. God is always listening When pregnant with my second son and at that time living in Washington D.C my husband sent me off to a retreat The girls were having in Louisiana. I was really struggling at that time with feeling lonely and overwhelmed. That weekend was full of so much care that I still tear up when I think of the conversations, the way they spoke into my life. I was at my most vulnerable time in my life and to be met with the love of Jesus through Jenny and many others just healed my soul! For thankful for this ministry.

“The Heart of The Father”


I brought a family member to my church when Jenny was speaking. The fact that they came was a miracle, only God could caused that to happen. As Jenny spoke, the message was so powerful. God’s presence was so evident! My family member responded to the invitation for prayer and received a prophetic word from Jenny. They told me later it literally changed their heart toward the Lord. They were so emotionally touched by the whole experience they were crying, which they don’t do around others. Jenny was His vessel of love. Jennys heart wants only to be used to show The Heart of The Father. This family member was totally transformed by how real God is.

“He loves the one”


Jenny first came to our Church 5 years ago. She came bringing the message that Jesus not only loves everyone – He loves the one. She spoke with a passion and intensity that so touched my life and our church, that we knew we would never be the same after those meetings and we weren’t. Her message and ministry inspired my daughter to write and subsequently lead a bible study called Mission One – loving the one like Jesus did. I cannot recommend Jenny’s ministry highly enough, she doesn’t just teach you to love, she teaches you to love well. But it doesn’t stop with her words, it only starts with them but then continues with her actions – she shows it , she LOVES WELL.

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